We are all living through an historic event of unparalleled proportions. Each of us will have different stories to tell about how it has affected our lives. We’d like to invite you to be part of an experience that collects our ongoing experiences, big and little.

- Dr. Janis Whitlock

Right now, all of our lives and routines have changed and that impacts the way we feel, cope and interact with one another. With everyone dealing with this time of uncertainty, it might be our instinct to hold those feelings inside, but part of the way we cope with tough feelings is to name them and talk about them. We need to express our thoughts and feelings right now as individuals and communities. 
We’ve partnered with one of JED’s expert advisors – Dr. Janis Whitlock – and her team at Cornell University on a storytelling community that gives us daily structured journaling exercises. After you sign-up, you’ll get a link each day that lets you use words, images and videos to express how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking and what life is like for us during this period fo physical distancing. You can complete these entries daily, or on whatever schedule works best for you. You’ll receive email recaps of your entries so you can keep them as well. 
You can also opt-in to be part of a study centered on this community that is creating a snapshot of what we’re experiencing during this historic time. Your entries can be part of a e-publication to be released later this year (it’s a collective snapshot and authors will remain anonymous). If you’re under 18 or don’t want to participate in the study, that’s fine – you can still take part in the journaling experience.