Just because we’re distancing ourselves physically, doesn’t mean we’re alone or disconnected. In fact, we can use this moment to become even more connected using technologies (both old and new). It’s OK to enjoy some solo time while we’re social distancing, but try to connect frequently with the important people in your life. It’s a powerful part of protecting our emotional health and supporting friends and family. Here are some ideas for creative ways to connect. Have other ideas? Email us at info@loveislouder.com.


Daily life moves so fast that many of our relationships are maintained with texts, social media and emails. Turn in an obstacle into an opportunity, and use this time to pick up the phone and catch up with friends or family. Make an extra effort to reach out to people who may be physical distancing on their own or aren’t able to get out.


Many of us are dealing with disappointment around canceled concerts and events we were looking forward to enjoying with our friends. Fortuantely, many artists and organizations are feeling our pain and finding other ways to entertain and connect us. Check out this list from NPR of a diverse (and long) list of free  live events you can experience virtually. Make it a group experience by group Facetiming or doing a Google Hangout with your friends while watching.


Bummed that your weekend plans are canceled or that an upcoming celebration is on hold? Take advantage of technology and bring your friends together virtually. Virtual theme parties can create fun activities for kids and us grown-ups alike. Here are guides for holding a virtual dinner party and for coordinating group movie/television viewing experiences on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more.


Social media is a primary way many of us are staying connected, but logging into  that social media can also create stress. Use features like Instagram’s mute function to silence accounts that are bumming you out or overwhelming you with stressful news coverage. While you’re at it, find more accounts to follow that inspire you, give you practical tips or make you feel more connected (like @loveislouder).